Philipp Sanders

Senior Manager
T +49 2 11 13 06 69-0

Interest in strategy and marketing informed my decision to study business administration in Münster. Itchy feet got me hooked on exploring parts of Spain, Mexico and Turkey. Curiosity prompted me to join the innovation, marketing and sales departments of leading companies. And my natural instincts as mover and shaker helped me acquire my first entrepreneurial experience. So I was determined to stay on my toes and make a difference in my professional life. That’s how I ended up in strategy consulting.

The decision to join SMP

The topics and the segments were a perfect match for me. There’s an inspiring atmosphere here, and it was love at first sight with the people at SMP. I still feel the same, even ten years later. We have a professional, dedicated team with an empathetic approach and a love for their work. What more could you ask for?

My personal profile at SMP

Consultant for customer and sales strategies. Initially 100% digital. Now in multiple channels for banks and insurers.