Konstantin Schaller

Senior Manager
T +49 2 11 13 06 69-0
SMP Konstantin Schaller

I took a roundabout route to consulting. Originally I was interested in political communication, before encountering the work of a strategy consultancy firm, almost by coincidence. The intellectual challenge, working with motivated colleagues, meeting fascinating people on the client side ā€“ all of these factors left a lasting impression on me and quickly convinced me that consulting would be the perfect fit for my career.

The decision to join SMP

I joined SMP as a Senior Consultant after working for another consultancy firm, mainly in brand & marketing. Three reasons convinced me to join SMP. First: exciting projects focused on service, sales and customer management, as well as digital and agile transformation. Second: the excellent standards of quality that are more than a match for the big players in the field of consultancy. Third: the collegial, trusting and entrepreneurial atmosphere.

My personal profile at SMP

My motivation is to make the most of my abilities every day ā€“ and SMP provides more than enough opportunities for that. Whether it means developing churn strategies, digitalisation service processes or organising agile transformation for an entire DAX-30 corporation: at SMP, everything is about the delivery of excellence at the customer touchpoint. What could be more challenging and enjoyable than to own this claim in every new project?