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Peter Funke

Partner for Energy & Resources
»Your customers expect smart solutions – as do ours.«
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Peter Funke
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Peter Funke has over two decades of experience in strategic consulting. His particular expertise is in the digitalisation of business models, customer management and the transformation of organisations. He advises multinational companies, especially in the service industries (energy, insurance, pharmaceuticals). He regularly speaks at expert forums and as a guest lecturer at universities on his special topics of customer, sales and service excellence through digitisation. In addition, he is regularly invited to sit on the jury of prestigious industry awards.

Before joining SMP as a partner, Peter Funke acquired seven years of sales and marketing experience working for DAX-listed companies. His operative management knowledge extends to the core markets of Europe, the United States and China. He has received numerous awards for his achievements, including from Henkel KGaA (Fritz Henkel Award for Company Management) and the Wirtschaftswoche business journal.Peter Funke studied business administration in Cologne and Austin/Texas (USA). He is also a graduate of the Executive Programme at Ashridge College in London.

A passionate funk and soul guitarist, he lives in Starnberg near Munich, is married and has one daughter.

Personal queries

Strategy consulting is a reputable business. Structured, evidence-based and analytical. That’s why I initially built my career in a corporate setting: Marketing, sales, international experience in Paris, Barcelona, Shanghai. Becoming a partner with SMP was the next logical step.

As a passionate strategy consultant and funk guitarist, my message is clear: Stay funky! Stay innovative! Funk has structure, rhythm and is woven around a bright and inspirational idea. Excellent consulting is built on the same principle: First-class ideas, built into a clear structure. SMP is the same. I am, too.

Which challenges appeal to you especially?​
Bringing order out of chaos. Structure your problem, and you can solve it. I like structures. Not just the musical ones.

Your favourite pass-time after a successful day at work?​
Making music with my daughter Helen. I’d say she has the most beautiful voice in the world.

Which mistakes can you tolerate?​
Playing in the wrong key. Sounds terrible, but doesn’t harm anyone.

What was your biggest achievement at SMP?​
Sealing the deal with SAP as our new client. “SMP advises SAP”. It still gives me a kick, even now.

Your motto in life?
Stay funky!

Who are your role models and why?​
Prince – the personification of groove.

What would make your happiness complete?​
There’s always something, fortunately! Life would be boring otherwise.

Peter Funke
T +49 2 11 13 06 69-0