Ingo Marjan

Ingo Marjan

Partner for Insurances and Banks
»Strategy creates growth, not promotions.«
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Ingo Marjan
T +49 2 11 13 06 69-0

Ingo Marjan mainly supports his clients in challenges relating to sales and customer management. For instance, he advises leading insurance firms and banks on the systematic activation of their sales staff or customer portfolios.

Prior to the establishment of SMP in 1998, Ingo Marjan worked for the Boston Consulting Group in Düsseldorf and Boston. His speciality is the optimisation of marketing and sales strategies. He began his career as assistant to the management at Joh. Vaillant in Remscheid.

Ingo Marjan studied business administration at the University of Münster, where he majored in general management, marketing and statistics. Before that he completed an apprenticeship as industrial clerk.

Ingo Marjan is married and has one son. He enjoys a round of golf in his leisure time, is a passionate skier and an avid fan of the football club Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Personal queries

I love competition. Things quickly get boring for me if I can’t spar with others. But I don’t take things too seriously. On the contrary. I love to laugh. Ambition alone is not enough. Winners need to be self-confident and put people at ease.

That’s the SMP approach as well. When clients lose their composure in a crisis, we step in and guide our clients back onto the winning track. It takes discipline and stamina – and a lot of spirit.

Which challenges appeal to you especially?​
Any challenge that challenges me physically and helps my spirit to grow.

Your favourite pass-time after a successful day at work?​
A laid-back round of golf with my friends.

How do you recharge your batteries?​
Working on challenging projects for my clients or spending time with the family.

What was your biggest achievement at SMP?​
Becoming self-employed. And working hard to be successful ever since.

Which personal possession would you hate to give away?​
My Rescue wood.

Your motto in life?​
Life is a roller coaster – you just gotta ride it!

How do you impress your friends?​
With reliability, a zest for life and positive energy.

Ingo Marjan
T +49 2 11 13 06 69-0