Holger Neinhaus

Holger Neinhaus

Partner for Telecommunications
»A leader will always venture into uncharted territory.«
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Holger Neinhaus
T +49 2 11 13 06 69-0

Holger Neinhaus has worked at SMP for over fifteen years, developing solutions to improve customer experiences and leverage internal efficiency on behalf of his clients. Digitalisation of external and internal processes is one of the core elements of these projects.

He is also an expert for the design and implementation of transformation programmes based on agile working methods.

His clients include market leaders in the telecommunications and IT sectors. He has also assisted with the transformation of leading financial services institutions.

Before joining SMP, Holger Neinhaus acquired strategy and marketing experience in international product management for a prominent manufacturer of consumer goods.

He studied business administration in Würzburg, where he majored in marketing, logistics and business informatics.  He holds a Master of Executive Education Excellence from Columbia Business School in New York and continues to attend the university each year.

Holger Neinhaus is a passionate football fan and enjoys contemporary art and culture. At SMP, he initiated the Art Charity event. He is married and the father of two children.

Personal queries

Welche Eigenschaften schätzen Freunde an Dir?
(Hoffentlich) Geradlinigkeit und Begeisterungsfähigkeit.

Which challenges appeal to you especially?
The ones I can tackle with my team, whether at work or in sport.

Your favourite pass-time after a successful day at work?​
Spending time with my family and friends, lots of art, culture and a bit of sport.

Which dream do you want to fulfil?​
Short-term: Glastonbury Festival – if I can finally get tickets
Long-term: Farm my own vineyard

How do you recharge your batteries?
On Saturday mornings with a stack of newspapers, my iPad, a large coffee and a view of the Rhine. Or at the stadium watching my favourite football team – Schalke 04.

Which adventure is on your agenda?​
With two adolescent sons, I’m sure there will be plenty.

What was your biggest achievement at SMP?
I’m especially proud that I turned my back on a neatly structured career track with an international corporation and decided to join what was a small consulting firm, which we have continued to build ever since. SMP has enjoyed plenty of success in the meantime.

Which personal possession would you hate to give away?​
If I really had to pick anything, it would probably be my technical gadgets (which I tend to replace too frequently anyway).

Your motto in life?​
“It is better to act and regret than to regret having not acted at all." Melin de Saint-Gelays

Holger Neinhaus
T +49 2 11 13 06 69-0