Dr. Alfons Niebuer

Dr. Alfons Niebuer

Partner for Insurances and Banks
»Consulting is a marathon, not a dash.«
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Dr. Alfons Niebuer
T +49 2 11 13 06 69-0

Alfons Niebuer focuses on strategic and implementation-oriented solutions for platforms/ecosystems, omni-channel management, customer experience management and process excellence. He sits on the Expert Advisory Board of Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, moderates congresses and is a guest author for various trade journals. His clients include insurance groups and major banks.

Alfons Niebuer has over two decades of experience in strategic management consulting. He joined SMP in 2000 and made a key contribution to its growth. Prior to that, he worked for Roland Berger as a consultant for strategy development, restructuring and post-merger integration. Before that he was a project manager for contract logistics with Deutsche Post.

Alfons Niebuer studied business administration in Cologne, where he also earned his PhD. Prior to his studies, he completed an apprenticeship as industrial clerk at Bayer.

The passionate marathon runner and mountain biker is married and the father of two sons.

Personal queries

What characteristics do your friends appreciate most?
Determination, reliability and integrity.

Which challenges appeal to you especially?​
Anything enjoyable – at work or in my personal life.

Which dream do you want to fulfil?​
More travel (not as a consultant).

How do you recharge your batteries?​
At home, with my family, exercising, talking with friends, working on projects – wherever I feel comfortable.

Which adventure is on your agenda?​
Doing nothing – a real challenge for me!

Which mistakes can you tolerate?​
I can tolerate anything, as long as it wasn’t done on purpose. But I can never tolerate a lack of loyalty.

What was your biggest achievement at SMP?​
Helping to build SMP, a consulting firm in which fun, friendship, independence and professionalism are not mutually exclusive.

Which personal possession would you hate to give away?​
Running shoes.

Your motto in life?
There’s more to come!

Dr. Alfons Niebuer
T +49 2 11 13 06 69-0