Once in Minutes,
Now in Moments

Competition in the Fast Lane

Our clients provide mobile communications, telephony, broadband and increasingly also IT. They take the individual categories to assemble compatible service bundles that attend to a wide range of their customers’ communication needs – both personal and professional.

The telecommunications industry is characterised by short technology cycles that repeatedly require significant investments in infrastructure and networks. Moreover, new technology-driven innovations may call entire business models into question at relatively short notice. Competition is cut-throat and fierce.

These factors make managing the telecommunications sector complex, but equally worthwhile, as profit margins of between 30 and 40 per cent (Ebitda) are still within reach. The telecommunications market is currently experiencing a phase of consolidation. The key issue now is to improve operational excellence. Companies are merging at national and international level.


Conquering New Growth Segments

We collaborate with our clients to identify and cultivate business potential. This includes regional, channel-based, technological or also segmental growth strategies, which we accompany pragmatically through to their successful completion. Building B2B business is among our particular specialities.

Leveraging Marketing Efficiency

The increasing number of relevant communication channels as well as the complex interrelationships along the customer journey prior to the conclusion of a transaction require innovative approaches for efficient budget allocation. We also establish concepts such as churn management, “next best offer” systematics and other methodologies based on customer value.

Assuring Operational Excellence

Steadily optimised processes, as well as integrated and agile IT, are crucial ingredients for market success. Firstly, the quality of customer processes is of vital importance to satisfaction and loyalty. What really counts, after all, is to build end-to-end process chains. Secondly, we establish metric-based process management along this chain to elevate efficiency and responsiveness. Digitalisation elements can drastically improve both of these areas. We have real expertise in and are genuinely passionate about digitalising customer touchpoint processes.

Boosting Sales Performance

We support our customers in aligning the reach, costs and control options for their mix of sales channels. Whether you call it multi, cross or omni-channel management – we have built genuine expertise in various industries over many years. The aim is always to create meticulously coordinated synergy between the individual channels. Featuring a dedicated point of sale, retail, inbound, outbound, door-to-door or agent sales, multipliers and above all digital channels.