Energiewirtschaft SMP

Once a supplier,
now a service provider

Smart Solutions in a New Market Design

The energy transition is shifting the value chain – from production to market management. New business fields, a strong customer base and excellent service. SMP turns transition into growth.

Liberalisation and the energy transition are reshaping the market. Smart business fields are emerging. The value chain is therefore shifting. Decentralised production is undermining profitability. The significance of component trading, market partners and customer management is rising. Tomorrow’s strategy is “from the power plant to the customer”. Transformation on the energy market.

SMP is helping to shape this change. After all, modern customers know more and ask critical questions. As price transparency increases, so does the demand for quality services. The core business needs additional facets. Energy providers must optimise their internal and customer costs and create excellent processes. This is where SMP steps in.

We analyse new business segments for energy companies. We develop packages for high-value customers, as well as market partner concepts. We optimise structures and processes to help our clients’ business grow sustainably. After all, the boundaries to other sectors like telecommunications and automotive are becoming progressively blurred. SMP can inject this process with highly profitable experience from other markets. Just contact us.


Building New Business Segments

Energy providers sell combined heat and power plants, solar systems or electric vehicles. But is this a business model or are they revamping their image? SMP reviews the business plans for new segments, runs the competency teams and accompanies implementation. Experience has shown: Profitable segments are built on clear strategies and concerted effort.

Value-oriented Customer Management

Each customer has a value. It is the product of their consumption, contribution margin and service demands. Campaigns become more efficient by calculating this value and then creating customer segments. Customer magazines for people with lousy payment histories – never again.

Development of Online/Mobile Business

“Mobile first” is a cornerstone of the telecommunications sector. After all, many smart business models are now app-based. This applies to meter data management as well as to community services. SMP is an expert in the digitalisation of business models – also in the energy industry.

International Expansion

Energy providers are looking beyond their national borders. Towards eastern Europe, in order to expand. Towards Great Britain, due to the more progressive regulation. Towards Holland, due to the quick opportunities to recruit new customers. SMP examines pioneering examples across industry and national boundaries.