Banken SMP Kernbranche

Great opportunity,
great challenge

Time for fresh solutions

The financial crisis has left deep scars in the world of banking. Established business models are being called into question,  while margins are exposed to inexorable pressure. More than ever before, banks face the challenge of acquiring deeper insight into the trends and cycles affecting their industry and of finding individual ways to exploit their potential.

The strategic consultancy firm SMP helps its clients to shape this change. How are banks harnessing the benefits of digitalisation? What are they doing to accommodate demographic change among their customers and employees? Where is efficient growth possible, despite spiralling regulatory requirements throughout the industry? SMP’s banking projects focus specifically on these and similar questions.

We collaborate with our clients in the banking sector to develop concise and actionable proposals for sustainable business models, as well as marketing and sales strategies. Drawing on our outstanding cross-sectoral experience, we enable efficient growth by optimising and focusing costs on the needs of the customer and by building excellent structures and processes.


Customer-centric Multi-channel Management

Bank customers now use an array of sales, information and service channels,from the bank counter to laptops, telephones and smartphone apps. Over two thirds are already familiar with several pathways and technologies. Increasingly, therefore, the success of a bank will hinge on its holistic and tailored approach to dovetailing channels, regardless of the customer structure. SMP draws on cross-sectoral expertise in the development of customer-centric multi-channel management concepts.

Identifying and Implementing Growth Strategies

SMP has profound experience in the development of new business models and in the creation, validation and implementation of business plans, whether they focus on expansion into new regions, the development of market segments or exploiting untapped fields of tertiary business. In doing so, we start from an international perspective and utilise our experience from a variety of flagship projects.

Managing Major Projects

Major projects frequently fail due to shortcomings in project management. Half of all projects overrun both the planned timetable and the allocated budget. SMP installs purposeful management structures for major projects to reduce risks and deliver long-term success – demonstrably.

Operational Excellence

SMP optimises structures, costs and processes, developing workflow-based solutions to control banking operations. We focus consistently on the big picture (end-to-end), while keeping a keen eye on the needs of the customer. A pragmatic style and a sound appreciation of viability are distinctive features of SMP’s work. We take great pride in the fact that our results speak for themselves.