Background & objectives
  • Regional utility company (8KU) operates without stringent E2E process management. The company lacks management, measurability and clear process responsibilities as well as continuous identification of improvement potentials
  • Objectives: Design and build a method for agile, sustainable E2E process optimization
  • The pragmatic approach should be tested with pilots to enable scaling
Tasks & Results
  • Development of a Business Process Management, starting with the conception of governance and definition of roles
  • Construction of sustainable performance management / E2E control logic, including creation of a multidimensional KPI cockpit
  • Piloting of the concept by establishing and agile implementation support of the E2E process optimizations "Cross-Selling" and "Move”
  • More than 25 TOP measures for process optimization agilely implemented within a few months
  • Potential of over € 1.3 million p.a. for two pilots identified

Project Setup Business Process Management

SMP Business Process Management